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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hero Who Saved A Life Tonight

I went to my monthly bird club meeting today. I always enjoy being with people who like birds as much as I do. They are a very nice group of people. 

I went to see my son and his wife and my grandchildren tonight. My daughter-in-law had gone to buy something to eat and I stayed to visit with my son about his plans for his garden. My daughter-in-law called and told my son that she had found a man on the side of the road and she stopped to ask him if he was okay. I'm sure there must have been something strange that made her think he might need help. He didn't answer her and she got out of her car and asked him if he was okay and he still didn't answer. She said that his arm was limp and he was turning blue. He wasn't breathing and he had no pulse. She did CPR on him and another car came along and stopped to help. They called an ambulance. She said the man had a pulse of 140 when she left. She is an RN and in charge of an oncology unit here in the city. She was a hero tonight. She said it's hard when you come down from an adrenaline rush like that. I hope the man will be alright. I feel very privileged to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law.