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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Open

I had locked one of my filing cabinets when I left the house one day and when I tried to open it with the same key it wouldn't open. That was about two weeks ago. I went to the locksmith and ask if they could make a key for the number I found on the outside of the lock on the filing cabinet. I told them it was a HON cabinet and they looked but didn't find the number listed under the HON filing cabinet keys. I kept trying and trying to open the cabinet but it wouldn't budge.

Today I called HON and ask them if they could make me a key and I told them the number on the lock and they told me the same thing the locksmith did. There isn't any such number in their keys. I ask the HON service person if another companies lock would fit in the filing cabinet and he said yes. I asked more questions and hung up the phone. Then I called the local locksmith again and asked them questions. They told me that there were other lock manufactures and the number I gave them could be anyone of 60 keys. I asked the locksmith which way the key turns to open the cabinet and he told me to open turn to the right. I got off the phone with him and put the key in the lock and moved both drawers a little bit and turned the key to the right and it came open right away.

I was so happy because all my bank records are in that file cabinet. After getting the file cabinet opened I have been trying to balance my check book and it never fails that I have the balance off. Seems like I have a problem to solve every day.

I don't know if I should try to replace this lock on the file cabinet or not. I guess I'd better or I'll be sorry later when I want to lock the cabinet again.