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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arrogant Men

I had a waiter hit on me while I and my mother dined at a local restaurant. I want to tell the owner but I fear the waiter might be someone who doesn't understand where he ends and I begin. I felt that I should have some privacy even when I'm in public. I have see this man waiting tables there before but never dreamed his mind was in such a state of neediness. He seemed self assured. What on earth could possess a young man to hit on a total stranger who has paid for her meal and is trying to digest food. This is not a place that serves drinks where people might go to "connect". I think he needs to work in a bar so he can hit on women who would be more inclined to take his advances as a compliment.

I don't know this man from a total stranger. I might not even recognize him if I met him on the street. He had just asked me if I and my mother would like tea or coffee. Then when he brought my mother her coffee he asked me if I would go out with him. My mother was filling her plate at the buffet, thankfully. If she had heard him she would have thrown the coffee in his face. Reflecting later I remembered a little saying, "Coffee, tea, or me?" It seems to fit this situation. In essence that is what he was saying.

Makes my skin crawl knowing there are jerks out there who are so bold that they feel free to come on to any woman they pass by. He must be very arrogant to think that a woman who doesn't even know his name would say yes to such a proposal. He could be seriously ill. Like with AIDS or with any number of other sexually transmitted diseases. He could be an ax murderer or an X-convict. He could have a split personality, schizophrenia, or he could be a sociopath. Or he could just be a black racists man who wanted to score points by making a white woman uncomfortable while she was eating dinner. I already have one too many black men in my life. Namely, BO.

I remember years ago when I was going to a new job I parked my car outside the place and started to walk in. A lady sitting in a car outside the business stopped me and asked me if I were the new employee. I said yes. She told me she was the manager's wife. Then she told me a story about him I won't forget. It seemed very unusual that she would be telling me such a private matter because I didn't know her. I know why she told me now.

The story goes like this: One day she was at home with her three children, her husband, and his mother. His mother was visiting. She said that she was making dinner and some boiling rice was on the stove cooking. She said that she said something to embarrass her husband and he picked up the pot of boiling rice and threw it in her face. She said I should be very careful not to do anything to embarrass him or make him mad. I thanked her and told her I would never tell him she had told me. I never told him what she said but some time later he told me the very same exact story. I still didn't tell him I knew about it because his wife told me. I was afraid he would hurt her and her children. This man was from Iran. Ever since the day she told me that story I determined to never have much to do with men from Iran. I just hope she is still alive and not with him.

I read some where that men from Arab countries come here and marry women to have children so they can slowly change this society and culture. They have power over their wives and children. They want to change this country from within slowly. What better way than to brain wash women and the children they have by them. They force the woman to take their religion and then the children must do the same. Look what the new pres wants to do. Change the Constitution. He wants to change from a free society to one like Venezuela has. Chavez is taking over more and more businesses and banks. The pres is following along the footsteps of Chavez. Chavez appears on television constantly and this pres has his daily conferences on television. He is taking over more and more banks and businesses. Will he destroy the whole country so their is nothing left for his children?

What made the pres decide to leave the inmates in Gitmo? Could it be he saw some highly classified documents, video or audio of one or more of them saying they would love to do something to the him? I think so. He seems to be the only person he worries about. He was not worried that the general public would have to deal with people who want to destroy us and this country. What makes me think he cares what happens to us? Hasn't he saddled our children and grandchildren with the most massive debt in the history of the world? Hasn't he signed orders to resume killing innocent unborn babies. Those are the most helpless of us all. Why would I think he cares about the rest of us if he can let tiny babies be butchered? No, he changed his mind to save his own skin. I'm still grateful that he did change his mind. He has made one decision that was good. One in how many?