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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tweaking Cookie Recipes

I have tweaked my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe again. It was better than the last four or five tweaks. Tomorrow I hope to do more tweaking on the recipe. I want to get it so good that it will win MONEY in a contest. I won't give out the recipe until I've entered it in a contest or two. I know it has ingredients that most people don't have in their home. People should start to use other things than white flour and white sugar. Those things have all the nutrients taken out of them.

This last cookie tweak I took samples to my youngest son and his sons, my grandsons, and they liked them. I hope they weren't being kind. I told them to tell me what they thought so I can change the recipe for the better.

I would like to have more time to devote to making my own recipes so I could make my own recipe book with healthier recipes. I have lots of cook books but they call for white flour and white sugar. Every time I eat white flour I end up with a headache and lots of mucus. I have to clear my throat all the time.

One ingredient I use is Buckwheat flour. It has more protein in it than white flour. It is actually good for you. I'll write more about this recipe when I have it tweaked again. This next time I'm changing the amount of the flour. I'm using the same 2 cups but I'm going to use different quantities of the different flours. Fun, fun.

When my husband comes home some days and asks whats for dinner I have to tell him I have no idea. Even though there is something cooking on the stove I have no idea what it's called. Sometimes those are good and sometimes we agree not to try it again.

Writer's DreamKit Problem

Writer's DreamKit
Write Brothers, Inc.

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I purchased this software on November 22, 2008 at the Apple Store her at Penn Square Mall. It is software to help me with the writing of my story. Boy do I need help. I installed it late last night, or should I say early in the morning. As I was doing the installation, which is facilitated over the Internet, I happened to notice it said that this is a trial version. I was very upset because I paid $64.97 for this software and no where on the box or the books inside the package did it mention that this is a trial version of the software.

I sent off an email to a place that sells this software and they responded to me quickly. The problem is they have nothing to do with making the software, only selling it. They were very helpful to let me know that if I had a serial number to insert in the installation process then it is the full version. I had the serial number and typed it in where it asked for it. Even so when it was installed there was the word "trial version" at the end of the process. I had also sent an email to the company that makes the software. I haven't heard a word from them. I wonder if I will hear from them. I'm mad that I paid $64.97 for a trial version. I'm worried that if I type in all the chapters I have written on my book and this software ends suddenly then all my work will be lost.

I would like to hear from this company soon because I wanted to start using the software or get my money back. I guess if I don't hear from them I'll file a complaint with the BBB. Then I'll complain to Apple Store. Then I don't know if I should use this software or not. I guess I can look for a forum that talks about this company and its products.