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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My amazon parrot has been extremely hormonal the last two months. She is starting to calm down but she is still temperamental. Looking at the word temperamental I see two words; temper and mental. This parrot does have a temper and at times drives me mental. When she wants out of her cage and I don't take her out right away she tips over her food and water dishes. The food flies all over the floor and if the water dish is close to the outside edge of her cage that goes on the floor as well.

She wants me to hold her all the time. If I do hold her she starts doing a little dance that is known as a mating dance in the animal kingdom. Yes, she thinks I'm her mate. She is very jealous of my husband. If he talks to me she starts screaming. If she were out of her cage when he is home she would attack him and try to kill him. She has done this many times before. Now she is making a small noise that drives me crazy. It's constant. I don't know what she wants. I think it's because she wants to mate and have eggs and nest. She shreds all the papers in her cage or on top of her cage.

I've stopped giving her eggs and that has helped some but she is still very temperamental. I wish I knew what foods would stop this. Maybe birth control pills? Na.

In my kitchen there is an open shelf that goes from the floor to eye level. It has cubby holes in it where I store canned foods, oatmeal, juice, and other things. I put her cage close to that cubby cabinet and she wants to get inside the cubbies. I've put her in the cubby hole and she gets very agitated if I reach in to move a can so it doesn't fall on her. It is very difficult to get her out of the cubby hole. I have to put a towel around her in order to extract her. I feel sure all these signs can be attributed to one thing, SHE'S HORMONAL !!!!!


Funny isn't it? I think someone else is judging me and it turns out that I'm judging them because I "think" their judging me. Don't try to figure that out because I need to chew on it a while too. I try to figure out why someone does or doesn't do something and I usually don't get it right.