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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Cry'en Time Again or "It's Tax Time Again"?

Tax time and I'm feeling ?????? like crying, like hiding, like running away, like, Why me? I have two different taxes to fill out. My mother's and mine. I keep putting it off. I think because it will bring back memories and I'll start to feel sad again. I'm not sure what to do because my mom always used a CPA to fill out her taxes and that costs about $350. She isn't here to pay for it now so I'll have to fill it out. I'm not worried about filling out my taxes but for some reason I want to clean things instead of doing what I know I have to do. I keep putting it off. It's not a pleasant task, it's the last legal thing I must do for my mother, and it's time consuming.

I'll have to drive to the IRS office and find out which forms I need. Yuck. Not looking forward to driving downtown because of all the construction going on all over the city. Parking is soooooooooo much fun. I guess I'll have to force myself to do it. Hopefully I'll get started tomorrow. The question is, what questions should I ask at the IRS office? No idea.

Don't know why I continue to stay up all night? I feel so good when I get enough sleep. I sleep all night when I go there. I think I'm just addicted to this blog. God only knows because I sure don't. Say a prayer for me that I'll go to bed at a decent hour from now on. I sit here sometimes and my head nearly hits the monitor because I'm falling asleep. That's crazy. Totally crazy. What's that saying? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." I'm not sure what my expectations are when I stay up all night. I do know that I won't function very well later today.

Good night Seattle. Good night California. Good night Australia. Good night mom. Good night dad. I'll see you later.

Love ya.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wild Life In Our Yard

Sitting here in my office I happened to look out my window and saw a remarkable sight in a Photinia fraseri tree.


It's really a shrub that has grown as tall as our house. There were at least two dozen Cedar Waxwings flying and hoovering all around this tree.


I had just recently ordered a subscription to Birds & Blooms magazine and only yesterday seen the picture of this bird. I watched the birds flutter around this tree for about two minutes and then they flew off.

On Saturday I had seen a hawk sitting in a very tall tree a few houses away. I tried to take his picture but was out of film. I'm wondering if the Cedar Waxwings caught sight of this hawk, who lives in this area, and fled for their lives.

Last summer while taking a walk I saw a bunch of black birds screaming and chasing a hawk through the air. I watched in amazement as they screamed and chased him to one of the very tall trees in the neighborhood. I'm sure it lives here in the neighborhood because I watched him eat and devour one of the doves that lives here too. It happened in my backyard. I have photos to prove it. I'll have to find the pictures and upload them later.

I know there are other wild life here because I've seen them. One night I came home about sundown and my husband was waiting for me. He had been observing a Opossum slinking around our house. He has seen it before and now I got the chance to see it.

Last summer our box turtle who stays outside at night in a well protected corral was found with her front legs bloody and the skin off the top part of them. We called our vet and rushed her over to have a LOT of stitches put in. We will make her corral is much safer and she won't be out at night again. I'm feeling safe to say the Opossum was the one that injured my turtle. The vet, who attends the Bird Club I belong to, said she didn't think it was an animal that caused the turtle's injuries. She came to the house to see the corral and couldn't find any place the turtle would have injured herself. I still have the feeling the turtle was injured by an animal but the vet says it would have been a different sort of injury. Regardless, we will have to protect this little creature from Opossums and Hawks.

I'll try to find those photos of the turtle. I suppose I could take some new photos with my digital camera and upload them sooner than looking through a lot of old photos. I'll get right on it. After I finish sewing a pillow case I'm making for a neighbor's grandson. After I finish the laundry and checking the Craigslist account to see if anyone wants some of my old stuff.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Design

Finally it's finished! The new design that is. I've spent far too much time on this but I wanted something to honor my grandparents. The pictures in the header are just some of my grand-parents, and great-grandparents on my father's side. I don't have pictures of all my great-grandparents or I would have added them in the header. It would have been hard to see them if I had to make them any smaller. I'm not totally satisfied with the way it looks but I'll learn more in Photoshop and change it as I get time.