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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Dinner etc.

Yesterday was my sons birthday. We went to met him and his family for dinner at a local Italian Restaurant. I made a new version of my recipe for Carrot Cake. It turned out good. I like the old recipe best but I didn't have oil so had to use butter. I used buttermilk for more moisture.

When I got home my husband wanted to know if I had brought him something to eat. I hadn't so we went to get him a steak sandwich at Chuck House. They make the best chicken fried steak sandwich and dinners.

My husband wanted me to go look at some steal posts on a neighbors patio cover. We are planning making a patio cover on our patio. Our patio is on the West side of the house and is VERY hot in the summer. I liked the posts on the neighbors patio cover because they are made of steal and won't have to be replaced like wood will. He said that he would go to some junk yard and try to find steal posts. Then he said that he wanted to find a man who used to work with him that builds patio covers. He also said that this man might be able to help him replace our roof. Glory. I was so happy to hear that. Our roof is soooooo bad. Well, not sooooooo bad but bad enough. I can't wait to have it replaced. I think I'll sleep a lot better when it's done. I'd like to have one of the new steal roofs but I'm sure that would cost more than my current mortgage.

I had someone come out and give me an estimate on some new windows. They said that I would be very happy and surprised at the price. He said he would be my new best friend. Well, the price was not cheap. It would cost $5,487.77. That's cheap??? Not with my bank account. Or should I say the lack of a bank account. If windows are $5,487.77 and a roof $4,000.00 and central heat and air are $3,500.00 and a patio cover is $350.00, That totals $13,337.77. For that amount of money plus my current mortgage I could buy a new house. Well, maybe not a new house but one with fewer problems.

I don't think I'll be doing a lot to this old house right now. I will do what I can when I can but with the TAX KING in office I'll have to hope we still have a home. Here's to making money. The Feds make money out of nothing but paper and ink. Maybe we can too? Really I just want to make money the honest way and wish the Federal Government would do the same. Get a job and leave me alone. If all the senators and representatives had to work for a living they wouldn't have so much time to try to figure out how to rob me of my money. I hope they are all sent packing next election day. All those who stab the American people in the back have the blood of this country on their hands. I just hope they hit the big pit before I do so I can see them go down. God grant me my request. Make the very trap they set for us the poor people be the traps they fall into themselves.


The Case Against Sotomayor by Jeffrey Rosen
Indictments of Obama's front-runner to replace Souter.

These moderate tendencies may explain why some liberals are not cheering her nomination; justices like Sotomayor are not likely to offer the fast track to sweeping change that these activists want. Asked at her 1997 confirmation hearings by then-Senator John Ashcroft if she would "read additional rights into the constitution, like a right for homosexual conduct on the part of a prisoner," Sotomayor responded: "I cannot do it, sir. I cannot do it because it is so contrary to what I am as a lawyer and as a judge. The constitution is what it is. We cannot read rights into" the constitution or its amendments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arrogant Men

I had a waiter hit on me while I and my mother dined at a local restaurant. I want to tell the owner but I fear the waiter might be someone who doesn't understand where he ends and I begin. I felt that I should have some privacy even when I'm in public. I have see this man waiting tables there before but never dreamed his mind was in such a state of neediness. He seemed self assured. What on earth could possess a young man to hit on a total stranger who has paid for her meal and is trying to digest food. This is not a place that serves drinks where people might go to "connect". I think he needs to work in a bar so he can hit on women who would be more inclined to take his advances as a compliment.

I don't know this man from a total stranger. I might not even recognize him if I met him on the street. He had just asked me if I and my mother would like tea or coffee. Then when he brought my mother her coffee he asked me if I would go out with him. My mother was filling her plate at the buffet, thankfully. If she had heard him she would have thrown the coffee in his face. Reflecting later I remembered a little saying, "Coffee, tea, or me?" It seems to fit this situation. In essence that is what he was saying.

Makes my skin crawl knowing there are jerks out there who are so bold that they feel free to come on to any woman they pass by. He must be very arrogant to think that a woman who doesn't even know his name would say yes to such a proposal. He could be seriously ill. Like with AIDS or with any number of other sexually transmitted diseases. He could be an ax murderer or an X-convict. He could have a split personality, schizophrenia, or he could be a sociopath. Or he could just be a black racists man who wanted to score points by making a white woman uncomfortable while she was eating dinner. I already have one too many black men in my life. Namely, BO.

I remember years ago when I was going to a new job I parked my car outside the place and started to walk in. A lady sitting in a car outside the business stopped me and asked me if I were the new employee. I said yes. She told me she was the manager's wife. Then she told me a story about him I won't forget. It seemed very unusual that she would be telling me such a private matter because I didn't know her. I know why she told me now.

The story goes like this: One day she was at home with her three children, her husband, and his mother. His mother was visiting. She said that she was making dinner and some boiling rice was on the stove cooking. She said that she said something to embarrass her husband and he picked up the pot of boiling rice and threw it in her face. She said I should be very careful not to do anything to embarrass him or make him mad. I thanked her and told her I would never tell him she had told me. I never told him what she said but some time later he told me the very same exact story. I still didn't tell him I knew about it because his wife told me. I was afraid he would hurt her and her children. This man was from Iran. Ever since the day she told me that story I determined to never have much to do with men from Iran. I just hope she is still alive and not with him.

I read some where that men from Arab countries come here and marry women to have children so they can slowly change this society and culture. They have power over their wives and children. They want to change this country from within slowly. What better way than to brain wash women and the children they have by them. They force the woman to take their religion and then the children must do the same. Look what the new pres wants to do. Change the Constitution. He wants to change from a free society to one like Venezuela has. Chavez is taking over more and more businesses and banks. The pres is following along the footsteps of Chavez. Chavez appears on television constantly and this pres has his daily conferences on television. He is taking over more and more banks and businesses. Will he destroy the whole country so their is nothing left for his children?

What made the pres decide to leave the inmates in Gitmo? Could it be he saw some highly classified documents, video or audio of one or more of them saying they would love to do something to the him? I think so. He seems to be the only person he worries about. He was not worried that the general public would have to deal with people who want to destroy us and this country. What makes me think he cares what happens to us? Hasn't he saddled our children and grandchildren with the most massive debt in the history of the world? Hasn't he signed orders to resume killing innocent unborn babies. Those are the most helpless of us all. Why would I think he cares about the rest of us if he can let tiny babies be butchered? No, he changed his mind to save his own skin. I'm still grateful that he did change his mind. He has made one decision that was good. One in how many?

Friday, May 8, 2009


I have been asked to make a Website for a local singer. I've been very busy working on this site. It may take a while to finish it. If I don' add a post very often then you'll know what I'm doing. Well, that's only one thing I'm doing besides cleaning house, cooking three meals a day, taking care of a turtle and parrot, washing my clothes and my mothers clothes, taking her where she needs to go and doing my own running around paying bills plus a hundred other things. I belong to four clubs and attend each one every month. Now it's time to sleep.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Truth

It's important to tell the truth. Am I being untruthful by not telling my mother that my brother is ill? I'm having a dilemma about telling my mother that her son has Parkinson's Disease. My mother has high blood pressure. Very high. I think that if I tell my mother about my brother being ill it will cause her to worry and she could panic. She might even try to go see him. The problem with that is she doesn't know where he lives and he doesn't want her to know where he lives. They have a flawed history and so he has decided to separate himself from her and the rest of the family. He told me he didn't want to know anything about her until she was dead and buried.

One of my sons seems to think I should tell my mother and she has a right to know. He is right but if that causes her too much stress and she has a stroke or heart attack then he is not the one who has to take care of her. I and my husband are taking care of her. It has not been easy when she gets very sick because of her high blood pressure or other health problems. I help her by cooking for her and taking her food. I wash her dishes, help her by shopping for her or when she can walk I take her shopping. I help her with all of her errands. I wash her clothes for her and take them home and sometimes put them away for her. I take her to the doctor,the hospital ER, and for a while physical therapy three times a week. I help her sometimes with her bills. I take her to the bank and out to eat. My son who wants her to know the "truth" calls her on the phone sometimes.

This problem came up before with this son when my mother's brother died. I told my son I would go to her house and tell her in person that her brother had died. He had passed away about midnight and his daughter, my cousin, called me to tell me. I told her I would go and tell my mother in the morning. There was nothing she could do at midnight anyway. She was probably asleep and I thought she needed the sleep more than to feel bad all night. She could face it in the morning. My son called me in the morning and asked if I had told her yet and I told him no, but as soon as I dressed I would go to her house and tell her in person. When I arrived at her house she was on the telephone talking to my son. He had called her to tell her the bad news. I got mad at him and asked him why he had done that. He said she had a right to know. I told him that she is elderly and sick and he should have told her in person and not on the phone. If he had taken the news badly then she could have fallen, had a stroke or something.

Now her right to know is the subject again. But this time she is even sicker than when her brother died. So I called and told my son that I had spoken to a nurse and she said to wait until her doctor says she can be told. Which is true. I had spoken to her nurses supervisor on the phone just before I talked to my son.

My son says I'm trying to be God and control everything. I think he is trying to be God by not considering how hard it would be to hear this bad news. I wonder if my son has some lingering resentment toward my mother that would cause him to not care how it affects her. He says to let God work it out. He thinks God can use this to help her some way. My other son sees it my way.

My brother is ill but he is the one who chose to be away from the family and to not speak to my mother. He has separated himself from her before for seven years. If he doesn't worry about her well being then why should I risk her having a stroke or heart attack just to tell her the truth. What makes his illness more important than hers?

Where does the truth lie?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Flu or What?

It started out with a dry,scratchy throat and sneezing and each day I coughed more. The cough finally settled in my chest and became very hard and deep. I felt tired and a little dizzy. Not really dizzy but more like my head was stuffed with cotton. I started taking herbs and that helped a lot. I didn't have a fever or aches so I don't think I have the flu.

Today I went to Sandy's Herbs and picked up some herb combinations. One bottle was VS-C and the other was something for lungs. I opened the bottles and took some right away. I am feeling much better. That feeling of cotton in the head is nearly gone.

Now I have to get busy working on a graphic for a local singers Website. I'm working on a butterfly right now for the design.

Must run. Well, not really run but stop typing this and start working on the design.