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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Dinner etc.

Yesterday was my sons birthday. We went to met him and his family for dinner at a local Italian Restaurant. I made a new version of my recipe for Carrot Cake. It turned out good. I like the old recipe best but I didn't have oil so had to use butter. I used buttermilk for more moisture.

When I got home my husband wanted to know if I had brought him something to eat. I hadn't so we went to get him a steak sandwich at Chuck House. They make the best chicken fried steak sandwich and dinners.

My husband wanted me to go look at some steal posts on a neighbors patio cover. We are planning making a patio cover on our patio. Our patio is on the West side of the house and is VERY hot in the summer. I liked the posts on the neighbors patio cover because they are made of steal and won't have to be replaced like wood will. He said that he would go to some junk yard and try to find steal posts. Then he said that he wanted to find a man who used to work with him that builds patio covers. He also said that this man might be able to help him replace our roof. Glory. I was so happy to hear that. Our roof is soooooo bad. Well, not sooooooo bad but bad enough. I can't wait to have it replaced. I think I'll sleep a lot better when it's done. I'd like to have one of the new steal roofs but I'm sure that would cost more than my current mortgage.

I had someone come out and give me an estimate on some new windows. They said that I would be very happy and surprised at the price. He said he would be my new best friend. Well, the price was not cheap. It would cost $5,487.77. That's cheap??? Not with my bank account. Or should I say the lack of a bank account. If windows are $5,487.77 and a roof $4,000.00 and central heat and air are $3,500.00 and a patio cover is $350.00, That totals $13,337.77. For that amount of money plus my current mortgage I could buy a new house. Well, maybe not a new house but one with fewer problems.

I don't think I'll be doing a lot to this old house right now. I will do what I can when I can but with the TAX KING in office I'll have to hope we still have a home. Here's to making money. The Feds make money out of nothing but paper and ink. Maybe we can too? Really I just want to make money the honest way and wish the Federal Government would do the same. Get a job and leave me alone. If all the senators and representatives had to work for a living they wouldn't have so much time to try to figure out how to rob me of my money. I hope they are all sent packing next election day. All those who stab the American people in the back have the blood of this country on their hands. I just hope they hit the big pit before I do so I can see them go down. God grant me my request. Make the very trap they set for us the poor people be the traps they fall into themselves.

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