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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Turtle

Chiquitita is my turtle's name. She's lived with me for the last 30 or so years. She is the perfect pet because she never screams like my parrot, she never barks at anything, she never has an attitude, and she never complains. She likes to eat sweet potato, mango, fish, shrimp, melons, and her dried turtle food. She is partly blind so I have to feed her by hand every day. She has to be placed in her water dish several times a day. Each time she finishes drinking I wash the dish with soap and water.

She stays outside during the daytime in the spring and summer. I mist her with cool water during the hot days. She used to stay outside at night but something caused her front legs to get her hide torn off. We think it was a possum that roams around our neighborhood at night. One morning my husband came in the house and told me not to panic but something had chewed my turtle's legs. He showed me her legs and I started to cry. Then I grabbed the phone and called my vet. My husband wanted to look for what every had done this to her but I told him to forget that and get ready to take her to the vet. We were at the vets within 30 minutes. Our vet sewed up her legs and gave us instructions on how to clean her and put salve on the wounds. We kept Chiquitita in the house for a long time after that. I was very careful not to put her in anything that could possibly infect her legs. Her legs have healed up now but we always bring her inside at night.

There have been times when she would get lost outside in the yard but we would search until we found her. She is so small that any large bird could pick her up and fly off with her. She has a corral where she stays during the daytime. I have bars from an old bird cage on top of her corral to keep out any bird or squirrel.

Here are some pictures of Chiquitita I took yesterday.

I think my husband love this little creature as much as I do.
I took this picture with Chiquitita beside a kitchen knife because I'm pretty sure most people have one and you can tell how small she really is.