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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogger and My Firefox, Opera, Mozilla Browsers

My doctors nurse called and told me the results of my blood test. She said that my total cholesterol is 198mg/dl. Seems high to me. She said it was okay. My HDL or good is 58. Seems low to me. I think it should be 80-90 mg/dl. The bad, LDL, is 70. I don't remember what this should be. My triglycerides were high, 350 mg/dl. That means I need to stop with the sweets. I have been eating far too many Braums Soft Frozen Yogurts lately. Now I have a good reason to tell my mom NO. I don't know if I should tell her why because I'll never hear the end of her telling me what to eat and not to eat. I'm a little old to be having my mom constantly telling me what to eat. S C R E A M!!!
I've read that stress can make the cholesterol high also. Hummmm? I wonder what could be causing the stress? Can't imagine.

Today I have to go to the police firing range so I have to stop now.

I do wish that Blogger and Firefox, Opera, Mozilla Browsers would all just get along. I keep having trouble with Blogger crashing anytime I finish a post and try to 'View the Blog'. My browser crashes. I've used each of the above browsers and they crash. I think it must be a bug within Blogger. There is no way to contact them so I'll just blog about it. Maybe they'll take note and fix things.

Blogger is also not allowing 'Comments' on my blog. I wonder why?