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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Flu or What?

It started out with a dry,scratchy throat and sneezing and each day I coughed more. The cough finally settled in my chest and became very hard and deep. I felt tired and a little dizzy. Not really dizzy but more like my head was stuffed with cotton. I started taking herbs and that helped a lot. I didn't have a fever or aches so I don't think I have the flu.

Today I went to Sandy's Herbs and picked up some herb combinations. One bottle was VS-C and the other was something for lungs. I opened the bottles and took some right away. I am feeling much better. That feeling of cotton in the head is nearly gone.

Now I have to get busy working on a graphic for a local singers Website. I'm working on a butterfly right now for the design.

Must run. Well, not really run but stop typing this and start working on the design.