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Friday, April 18, 2014

Local Radio Station ? Propaganda ???

You DO know that a local radio station has little "spots" where a national news-man, Bryan Williams, has little chats with whoever is listening? You DO know, Don't you? Bryan Williams is supposedly saying something benign. Truthfully, I've not actually listened to his little "chats" because as soon as I hear his voice I turn the station. The radio station is KTOK 1000 AM. Can someone tell me what the blazes is going on? Why is a liberal giving little "chats" on a "Conservative" radio station? Is it to get people used to listening to his SLOW form of propaganda? Is he SLOWLY brain washing us? Or whom ever choses to listen? His little "chats" are on during the Lee Matthews' show. I've tried to get Lee Matthews attention by asking him why this is happening. I can't say that he has ever answered me. After changing the radio station I never seem to get around to turning the station back to KTOK.

 Lee Matthews tries to be a comedian when it's not called for. Several days ago he was talking about the Bible and "Blood Moons". He started trying to be funny and it sounded sacrilegious. I really think he would do better as a straight man and leave the comedy to Gracie Allen, especially when he talks about the Bible or religious things.

 That aside, I have started listening to KOKC 1520 AM Radio in the Morning. The show is called "Mitchell In The Morning", 6:00 to 9:00 am weekday mornings. Mitchell in the morning is all about Oklahoma. I love the show. Scott Mitchell interviews Oklahoma politicians, businesses, and people of interest. It's all Oklahoma. Scott Mitchell's voice sounds like Dave Ramsey. You know the man who helps people pay off their loans, and bills, and allows them to yell, "I'm debt free" on his radio show? Listen and see if Scott Mitchell's voice doesn't sound like Dave Ramsey.

Now if I can just find something good to replace the early evening Lee Matthews' show. For now I'll cook dinner in peace and quiet. It helps the digestion if I don't listen to Lee Matthews trying to be funny or to Bryan Williams "chat." Why would I listen to Bryan Williams' little "chats" when I don't listen to any of the national propaganda that is called "news"?

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